About Jaisalmer - The Golden City of India

Jaisalmer District comprises total area of 38,401 sq km. This district has an International Boundary in the North and Western part with the Pakisthan International border. This District is situated in between 26. 01 to 28. 02 North and 69. 29 to 72. 20 East axis. Jaisalmer is the base for a wide range of stone carving in the country. The Stone work support over 10,000 labours in the District. There are approx 300 Artisans and 4500 Stone Mining Worker working for the cluster. Our main products are stone cutting and carving. The traditional stone-carving artisans go to mining area and select their raw material. After the blocks mining these stone are sent to the Gang sew machines for the use of under construction buildings.

Construction in Jaisalmer of gold-buff sandstone and ...

Jaisalmer Stone Carvings

Construction in Jaisalmer of gold-buff sandstone and the city is famous for the richness of its stone and wood carvings and ornamentation on house-fronts, palaces and temples, exhibiting a plethora of floral patterns intermingled with leaves and innumerable geometric motifs. Really the defty fingers of the carvers have chiselled out the stone here as finely as walnut carvings of Kashmir. The spicy and creative precision found in the jalis bring a nuance in the drab environs of the city, the spectator enjoys the sight of geometric and floral patterns in stone.

Majestic frontage of houses generally bear an immense variety of jalis, but not exactly in the sense of perforated screens, Designs are so etched that their deep cutting create an impression of their being cut in a peep ...

Jaisalmer Stone Front Elevation

The dream of royal home is not far away if you are reading this text. Royal front exteriors, stone carvings, exclusive patterns and beautiful mega structures are carved here at Mustafa Stone.
Front elevation or exterior desing is the first impression of building. Designing homes, offices, hotels, or any place of interest is always tough task to do. The variation in front elevation of constructions are mostly derived from factors like regional preferences, personal choices, climatic conditions and cultural impact. Jaisalmer being unique in all these factors the designs available here are applicable to almost all  sections of construction. To know more about front elevation design please contact our team of professionals.
We feel great pleasure to provide you information t ...

Legal Disclaimer

Work shown in the site not specifically resembles or indicate or being claimed to be fully or partially done by the copyrighted site of Madhu Marble or Madhu Marble Industries. This is sheer representation of Jaisalmer Sandstone work, art and carvings. These works may also be done by some other person or a group of person. 
We are just displaying our capacity to do such kind of work. 
We have took major caution in putting our work on site yet if someone else's work or design is there on the site, please take note of the fact that we are not claiming this work to be done by us.
For any other issues except explained above please contact Madhu Marble Industries or mail us at sales@madhumarble.com. 
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  • Yellow Marble Slabs and Tiles Yellow lusty marble with great textures provides gives a smooth energy to your interiors. We are lead supplier of Yellow marble slabs and tiles from years. We have a proven legacy of ample stock. Our stone processing unit is strong enough to manage varied load of customer requirements in bulk.

  • Stone Carvings Jaisalmer is known for its stone carving excellence. We believe that beauty of your dream home, office or structure comes from inside. Any one who enters your place should be made aquinted with your culture and heritage. We at Madhu Marble try to enrich culture with exclusive stone architectural elements.

  • Stone Interiors Madhu Marble is a place where every stone has its place. Our team of designers and fixers provides every stone its right place whether its interior or exteriors. Stone interior elements constitues a major part of interior design. We have ample stock of variety of stone decor interior elements.